'This function gets the logged in user name and 'displays it on the sheet Sub GetLoggedInUserName () 'Declare variable Dim strUserName As String 'Get system logged in user name strUserName = Environ ("Username") 'Display the user name on sheet1 Sheet1.Range ("B4").Value = strUserName End Sub

sysname: The operating system name. release: The OS release. version: The OS version. nodename: A name by which the machine is known on the network (if any). get_user_by() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources Retrieve user info by a given field How to quickly insert windows username in cell in Excel? Insert username in cell with VBA. Here I introduce you a VBA code to quickly insert windows username to a range of cells in Excel. 1. Press Alt + F11 keys to enable Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window, click Insert > Module, then copy and paste below VBA code to the Module window.. VBA: Insert username. wp_get_current_user() | Function | WordPress Developer

GetUserNameExA function (secext.h) - Win32 apps

Retrieve user info by a given field

after some searching, got the way to do this and is working well had set the authentication to windows in the webconfig and set up IIS to use basic windows authentication.

LlGetUsername - Second Life Wiki Jun 18, 2015 python - How can I get the username of the logged-in user request.user.get_username() or request.user.username, former is preferred. Django docs say: Since the User model can be swapped out, you should use this method instead of referencing the username attribute directly. P.S. For templates, use {{ user.get_username }} Youtube Usernames- Username Generator When you can set your username, it means you already have some good arts. When you want to get more subscribers, you need to constantly create good arts, but a good channel name can help you spread quickly, and also let others quickly remember you, such as smosh: https://www.