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Before you start make sure that you have already set up OpenVPN connection. If not, you can find Manual Setup Tutorial depending on your OS there: Manual Setup section. If you are using our new OpenVPN servers (basically if your config file name starts with “str” letters), you need to make sure that you will be not asked for login and password on every connection attempt.

Trying to get OpenVPN to auto-connect on CentOS 7 : homelab

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How to autostart OpenVPN GUI on Windows. Whilst we offer our own program that you can use to connect to any of the protocols we offer the beauty of VPN’s are the choices that you have in order to tailor your experience to the way you want it to be. How to autostart and autoconnect OpenVPN in Windows 10 The best way is to use services: Install the OpenVPN service when you install the client; Place your OpenVPN profiles (with the extension .ovpn, not .conf as is common on Linux) in the config subdirectory of the OpenVPN installation directory, probably C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.; Open the Services console (services.msc);Find OpenVPNService, right click on it, Properties, and change how to auto start openvpn (client) on ubuntu cli? - Ask Ubuntu This will allow you to skip entering your credentials everytime you start openvpn connection. Rename OpenVPNConfigFile.ovpn to OpenVPNConfigFile.conf. sudo mv OpenVPNConfigFile.ovpn OpenVPNConfigFile.conf sudo nano /etc/default/openvpn. Uncomment AUTOSTART="all" sudo service openvpn start. You should see a message saying that you are connected. Start OpenVPN client automatically when you start your