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Nov 05, 2018 Fix WiFi Connection Issues in iOS [iPhone and iPad] Nov 17, 2018 Why Wi-Fi Disconnects When iPhone is Locked/Sleeping? How

Why is the Internet continuously connecting and disconnecting?

This should fix the problem of Mac Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi Network. In case there are multiple unknown WiFi Networks stored on Mac, it is better to start from a clean slate by deleting all the WiFi Networks stored on Mac and then add back your Preferred WiFi Network to Mac.

FaceTime Keeps Dropping Calls? Easy Fix Now Available

How to Keep an iPad From Dropping Wi-Fi Signals | Small How to Keep an iPad From Dropping Wi-Fi Signals. When you meet with clients or travel for your business, the iPad enables you to carry all your documents and projects with you in one portable device. Resolving dropping wireless connection on your iPad® Refer to your device’s documentations to learn how to upgrade your iPad®’s firmware. Customize the wireless settings of your router. It is recommended that you customize your router’s wireless settings to avoid conflicts with other wireless networks in your area which can cause dropping or intermittent wireless signals from your router.