I had no trouble with internet connection when I traveled away from my home for two years. Suddenly, I can't connect to the internet. Other people around me are connecting fine, but my phone says no connection and no WiFi.

Feb 02, 2016 · Windows 10 Users are losing internet and network connection. Watch this short video to fix the issue. Hi! A persistent problem with internet in my laptop. While all other devices like smart phones and even smart tv have internet through wifi, laptop loses the connection. It either shows "connecting" or it says "no internet, secured". Sometimes internet connection is ok but most of the time not. When using a wizard program to set up a new network connection, it is possible to set a static IP address on the wireless device. The connection works until there is a change in the signal from the internet service provider (ISP). Many business and public WIFI providers change addresses on a regular basis, the connection fails. I have run the troubleshooter after the internet connection was lost again and it says that there are connectivity problems with the modem. I followed the instructions (unplugging the modem, waiting, restarting the modem) and afther this the internet connection was back. I purchased a new laptop at the start of September. It's been working great, except in the last two weeks I keep losing my internet connection. Within just the last two weeks, I've had some other family members come to live with me. They're able to access the internet with their devices, no problem. But my computer keeps losing its connection.

Oct 03, 2015

Aug 31, 2011 Jun 24, 2020 · The best way is to just pay for a better internet, but you can also try stopping background internet processes in your computer, or pause any sneaky updates that might be hogging all your speed. Also, wireless internet tends to be slower; if you have a laptop, consider hooking it up to the modem with a cable.

Aug 31, 2011

Look for a Wifi Icon in the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen-- If there is no Internet Connection Icon at all, you will need to make the icon visible. 3. Make the Internet Icon visible. Click on the Show hidden icons arrow in the bottom right hand corner ; Go to Customize ; Scroll Down ; Look for your Internet Connection