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With cyber terrorism research hitting a wall very early on, some notions of cyber terrorism were nonetheless picked up by governments and agencies alike. 7000 miles away from Washington D.C., the Cyber Terrorism & Cyber Terrorist iPredator Typology Cyber terrorism has multiple definitions and applies to a variety of cyber attack intricacies that may involve one online assailant or many. As a typology of iPredator, Cyber terrorism is defined as the cognitive, affective, behavioral and motivational factors of terrorist groups or their agents who use Information and Communications Technology Internet terrorism synonyms, Internet terrorism antonyms

Countering the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes The Internet has become one of the main tools in the arsenal of contemporary terrorist organizations.

Terrorism | Pew Research Center Apr 13, 2020 Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism | About The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) was formally established in July 2017 as a group of companies, dedicated to disrupting terrorist abuse of members’ digital platforms. The original Forum was led by a rotating chair drawn from the founding four companies—Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube—and managed a program of

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