The process will take less than three minutes and you will have a router with a MUCH faster interface that can log everything that goes through your router. You will be able to monitor everyone's activity or just the ones you select. It will record either IP addresses or domain names and will download them to a spreadsheet if you prefer.

Is my router spying on my network traffic? - Information Is my router spying on my network traffic? Ask Question Asked 1 year, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 1k times 6. 2. I got a new TP-Link router a couple months ago, and configured it to use the OpenDNS domain servers for basic content filtering across all household WiFi devices. Everything seemed to be great. This new router lets you spy on what everyone in the house Nov 05, 2015 How do you detect if someone is remotely spying on your Jan 21, 2012 Spying your wifi router - YouTube

The Best Routers for High Speed Internet on Amazon – a SPY

Can Someone Spy On You Through Your Wireless Router. Can someone access my router using my public ip address? Hey Will, Its not a wireless router i'm not concerned about people piggy-backing on my internet connection. I just wanted to know if they could access my router, and at the very least, mess up my settings so i can't connect to the ISP. How can I see the conversations of people using my WiFi? Aug 22, 2012

How Can Somebody Hack My Cell Phone via WiFi?

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