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Oct 22, 2019 · In Australia, a whistleblower exposure corruption in the government resulted in raids on newspapers to uncover who the whistleblower is. The press has protested but publishing redacted headlines illustrating how the press is NO LONGER free to actually report the truth. Australia blacklisted a webpage on Monday from the whistle-blowing site Wikileaks that contains an index of URLs censored by Dutch authorities, a move adding to the country’s debate about Jun 06, 2013 · A single court challenge, a single whistle-blower, a single press release challenging Section 313's unaccountability, would have revealed Australia's silent censorship. As dozens of other companies who do demonstrate that level of social responsibility have shown, it's the professional thing to do. A good example of comprehensive Mainstream media censorship in look-the-other-way Australia relates to Australia's new Coalition PM Malcolm Turnbull who is charming, intelligent, well-mannered and articulate and is the darling of the lying, US-dominated Mainstream media but is “lipstick on a pig” in being bound to the same US lackey, pro

Minister Chipp was disappointed with the South Australian decision, and admitted ‘…the whole concept of uniform literature censorship requires urgent reappraisal’. Western Australia also allowed restricted sales of the book after a complaint against a Perth bookseller was thrown out of court in January 1971.

How Penguin and Portnoy's Complaint helped topple Mr Mullins says Australia's censorship system was grounded in the mindset that Australia needed to "populate or perish", and to forge a national identity based on a single set of values and ideals on race, religion, and sexual morality. Portnoy's Complaint was an acclaimed bestseller in the US and UK, but was banned in Australia. Book Week spotlight on banned books highlights our freedom

Oct 18, 2019

It has been vocal on the issue of Internet censorship in Australia. In that role, he was responsible for internet censorship, the National Broadband Network, and the proposed switch to digital television as a complete replacement for analogue. Australia has a long — and controversial — relationship with censorship. "By the time Australia federated in 1901," Patrick Mullins writes in his new book, The Trials of Portnoy, "there